Nexus R5 Custom Plug-n-Play Harness - DSM

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Nexus R5 Custom Plug-n-Play Harness - DSM
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Custom terminated ECU to Engine wiring harness for 1G/2G DSM.   Built to suit your DSM.   Suits Haltech Nexus R5 ECU with the following race features:

  • 8 fuel injectors - expandable to 16 injectors
  • IGN1A Smark Coil direct fire ignition
  • Wideband O2 sensor controller:  Suite Bosch LSU4.9 or NTK
  • 4 Dash Trim knobs (Launch control, Boost/power, Nitrous control, Traction Control)
  • 14+ Pressure sensors for every concievable engine monitoring/fail safe
  • 6 RPM Sensors: Driveshaft, Input Shaft, All 4 individual wheel rpm - Traction Control
  • PDM Outputs:  ECU direct power output to Fans, Pumps, Solenoids, Lights, Starter motor.
  • Nearly completely plug-in installation.  Includes Choice of breakout sub-harnesses to suit different fuel injectors, ignition coils, and engine rpm trigger sensors.   All sensors and ecu outputs are pre-terminated are ready to plug into your specific engine setup.
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