Nexus R5 Haltech ECU

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• A data logger
• A power distribution module
• A dual channel universal wideband controller
• A high speed wi-fi communications module
• A new generation engine management system

All natively interconnected with each other.
All programmable with one single piece of software.

Download a Quick Start Guide
Download a Wiring Diagram
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NEXUS R5 Features:

• 18 x high current injector drivers
• 12 x ignition drivers
• 12 x 8A outputs
• 4 x 25A outputs 
• 23 x AVI
• 10 x SPI
• 8 x DPO
• 2 x knock control
• 3 x independent CAN bus systems
• Dual DBW control
• Wireless communication 
• 150 channel, 1kHz logging with 512MB of logging space
• Dual channel O2 wideband controller capable of running LSU4.9 and NTK sensors
• Auto transmission control
• A brand new, easy to use, intuitive software